Long Beach Author debuts second novel with book signing at Portfolio Coffeehouse

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lee-adams-nighthawksLong Beach author Lee Adams’ second novel, Nighthawks, will be debuting on Saturday, November 14, at Portfolio Coffeehouse located at 2300 4th Street, Long Beach. Reading begins at 7:00 followed by Q&A with the author and book signing.

Nighthawks is the second installment in “A Julie Page Mystery” series following the series debut last year of 5th and Vanguard, and further establishes the author as a serious literary voice in the burgeoning world of neo-noir.

In the center of a three-block stretch of abandoned dirt, a diner is resurrected where it stood sixty years before. And it looks exactly like the original, but for the dead girl on the welcome mat.

Julie Page, the new owner, is a writer of waning prestige and questionable talent, already haunted by personal demons in addition to the ghosts she may have just inherited. Compelled to figure out what happened the day before the door was open to the public and who killed the young woman found pressed against the glass, she solicits the aid of every street angel the seaside town of Berle has to offer; from a seriously vindictive detective to the hookers and hoodlums frequenting the Promenade where only the diner stands.

Though Nighthawks is set in the fictional seaside town of Berle, it will appeal to Long Beach natives with locations that seem hauntingly familiar. Nighthawks offers the same broken concrete and burnt-out neon as its predecessor, but escorts the reader further underground. No apologies for bad behavior, Nighthawks is a love letter addressed to our darker inclinations.

Nighthawks is available through amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and various independent bookshops and coffeehouses including Portfolio. For the most current list of vendors, please visit the website at www.ajuliepagemystery.com.

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