LB Evolvers host the The Love Spore in February

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On February 10, Long Beach Evolvers invite the community to explore emerging perspectives on love and relationships in an age of transition and awakening. The Love Spore will be hosted by The Broadlind Project: Artist As Art, located in the Sipology Annex on Broadway and Linden—in the heart of downtown Long Beach.

Guest will be able to interact with artists as they explore love in many different forms including: live art by Paul Hogue, the poetry of Mindy Nettifee and friends, writer Amy George, a talk with Lacey C Clark, “Queen of Celebrate U!” of Sisters’ Sanctuary, and local songwriter Alyssandra Nighswonger.

Enjoy desserts, readings from love experts, acoustic and ambient music, poetry, and engaging discussion, as we evolve towards shared conceptions of love.

Evolver Spores currently occur every month in 33 cities around the world, and are sponsored by the social networking site, The event begins at 7:30pm and will conclude at 10:30pm. A donation of $5 is suggested at the door. More details are available here:

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