LB Jr. Chamber of Commerce Used Food Events to Raise Funds For Adopt-A-Teacher Program

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The LB Jr. Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation recently held two LB Street Food Fests that welcomed thousands of hungry attendees to Long Beach and featured over 25 gourmet street food trucks, including the Grilled Cheese Truck, Great Balls on Tires and the stars of the Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race, the Nom Nom Truck. The money raised funded the Adopt-A-Teacher program which grants many local teachers with funds for classroom supplies and programs.

This year’s deserving recipients include nearly thirty LBUSD first through twelfth grade teachers, music directors and a counselor. While many spend the funds on much-needed basic classroom supplies like paper, markers, and books, Joan Parker, first grade teacher at Bixby Elementary purchased craft supplies to involve students in her popular multicultural lessons. Bryon Bush, Counselor at Hoover Middle School purchased a video camera, allowing him to videotape the Talent Show to provide each performer with copy of his/her performance and to sell copies for a school fund raiser. And Devon Day purchased necessary equipment for the Wilson High School Amateur Radio Emergency Communications team (AREC) that has 22 student radio operators who provide emergency communications in the event of a disaster.

In recent years federal, state and local budget cuts have impacted educational programs in our community. As a result, many local teachers spend their own money to provide basic supplies for classrooms and students. Each year, the Long Beach Jr. Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation produces events to raise funds to provide grants to deserving teachers through the MaryPat Bamrick Adopt-A-Teacher program. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of teachers have received grants.

The Foundation is dedicated to supporting charitable causes within the greater Long Beach area and providing educational and training opportunities for members of the Long Beach Jr. Chamber local chapter. The Foundation is made up of local volunteers dedicated to positively impacting our community and is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. Since its establishment, the Foundation has given thousands of dollars to education, local youths, and charitable organizations through a variety of fundraising activities.

The Adopt-A-Teacher is funded by events as described above and generous contributions from the community. Those interested in supporting local teachers or in applying for a grant in the Fall of 2011 may find more information at our website or by emailing us here:

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