LB Memorial Patient Speaks About Her Weight-Loss Journey at Women’s Heart and Stroke Seminar

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Women’s Cardiac Health at Long Beach Memorial

Paula poses confidently beside a previous photo of herself, unveiling her healthier new look.

In honor of National Heart Awareness Month, the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health at Long Beach Memorial and Research hosted the Women’s Heart and Stroke Seminar to bring awareness and highlight how devastating cardiovascular diseases and strokes can be for women. Advocates for heart disease prevention, the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research focuses on helping women identify heart disease and stroke factors, researches how heart disease affects men and women differently and offers cardiovascular screenings and individualized care plans.

In special attendance at the seminar, 24-year old Paula spoke about her successful and dedicated weight-loss journey towards becoming heart healthy.  When Paula came to the Center, she weighed 360 pounds. Her mother passed away from cardiac arrest and her father from a stroke. Having a family history of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol – and a diagnosis of high blood pressure – it was crucial for Paula to lose weight to save her life. With the support from the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research care team, along with hard work and dedication, Paula lost an amazing 100 pounds. From September to mid-February, Paula’s healthier lifestyle consisted of many hours of working out and swimming combined with healthier eating habits. Also, her cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure were regularly checked to monitor her since she was losing a large amount of weight.

Paula shares her story with the attendees of the Women’s Heart and Stroke Seminar, encouraging women to adopt and embrace a heart healthier lifestyle.

“I feel better than I ever have – I feel happy, confident and strong,” says Paula. “My parents are my inspiration, because of them, I want to help myself and others. Whether it is through weight loss or recovering from an illness, if I could give any advice to young women it would be to be very selective about what they let into their body. Just because they are young does not mean you can be unhealthy, it will catch up to you sooner than expected.”

With a dramatic decrease in blood pressure and weight, Paula’s confidence and life goals have skyrocketed. “I’m focusing on a bright, fit and healthy future where I’ll be able to simply enjoy life,” says Paula. Currently a student at Santa Ana Community College, Paula will graduate with her Medical Assistant Certificate in May, and continue her education towards becoming a registered nurse.

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