LB Mom turns treasured “blankies” into heirlooms

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blankie-keepersLong Beach mother of two, Leslie A.M. Smith, created Blankie Keepers to prolong the use of a child’s shredded blanket or to heirloom a baby’s first blanket or crib bedding.

“My daughter’s blanket started to fall apart and after repeated attempts to sew it back together, I finally just made this little pillow cover and put her blanket in it,” Smith says. “Four years later, she still sleeps with it. It is open in the back so she can still touch her blankie and lull herself to sleep each night.”

Blankie Keepers are handmade in Long Beach, California and come in three sizes. The small holds a receiving blanket up to 42” square. The mediums are designed to hold throw-size blankets (51” to 58”, usually rectangular) and the larges are big enough to hold a thick crib quilt or twin-size blanket with little to no padding (from 40” to 43” X 34”). All are fully lined with French seams (no raw edges are exposed anywhere). The folded blankets fit right in the keepers to look like a new pillow.

“Blankie Keepers are great gifts for an expectant mother, young child, or even for older children who have their blankies but do not want their friends to know,” said Smith. “A surprising number of people have come forward to admit they still have their baby blankets and are in college or married with children of their own.”

The intent was to prolong the comfort that a child gets from his or her security blanket, but Smith said that by re-purposing blankets as the padding in a decorative pillow, it also serves as an eco-friendly heirloom. Smith said that other uses for the keepers are as pajama bags, to heirloom christening gowns, store doll clothes, or even to keep favorite stuffed animals.

“Some children’s favorite items for comfort are their stuffed animals,” Smith explained. “As they get older and the teddy bear or stuffed puppy gets a little more saggy and less cool to have on their beds, the Blankie Keeper is the perfect way to camouflage that item—especially for a slumber party or camp.”

The uses don’t stop for kids’ bedrooms, Smith said. “Recently, a customer bought a small one to hold two diapers and a travel pack of wipes – it is the perfect size for that and looks great when a bulky diaper bag is not necessary or just to have in the car.”

The handcrafted Blankie Keepers come in an array of prints and solids and are available for $26, $34 and $42. They may be purchased at Masterpiece Treasures aboard the Queen Mary or visit

Smith said she is interested in adding retailers interested in carrying Blankie Keepers. For more information contact her at Every blankie needs a keeper!


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  1. Rev. Dr. Peggy Price says:

    My granddaughter is now 15 years old. I made her a quilt for her crib when she was born, which became her favorite “blankie” It finally lost all of it’s batting, and was more or less a rag, but she still took it to slumber parties and summer camp. I gave her the “blankie keeper for her fourteenth birthday, and she takes it with her whenever she goes away overnight. It is such a sweet and clever idea, and a great “Grandma” gift!!