LB Receives 50K Grant to Prosecute Environmental Cases

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san gabriel river bicycle path realignment projectLong Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert announced last week that his office has secured a $50,000 environmental prosecution grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF).

“This grant is significant to Long Beach’s environmental prosecution program,” said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert. “Environmental prosecution has suffered in recent years due to budget cuts and this will help give us the resources to prosecute environmental cases.”

This is the first grant awarded to the City Prosecutor’s Office since 2007. The City Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes over 15,000 misdemeanors each year, but the number of environmental cases filed by the City Prosecutor has dropped in recent years. One of the goals of City Prosecutor Doug Haubert, who was elected to his first term last year, is to seek grant funds to offset budget cuts resulting from the City’s ongoing budget crisis.

The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Congress in 1984. Its mission is to further the conservation and management of fish, wildlife, and plan resources of the United States. This $50,000 grant is part of a larger sum that resulted from a federal plea agreement and earmarked “for the enforcement of environmental and public safety regulations and the benefit, preservation, and restoration of the environment and ecosystems in the Central District of California.”

The grant is administered by the California District Attorneys Association. Grant funds may only be used reimbursed the City Prosecutor’s Office for attorney time spent reviewing and prosecuting cases presented to the City Prosecutor by the California Department of Fish & Game.


One Response to “LB Receives 50K Grant to Prosecute Environmental Cases”
  1. SK8FREE 4EVER says:

    Fantastic! So now LB water nazi’s can write more than 15,000 tickets for runaway sprinklers? Awwwww, I’m sooo happy! Snitch on your neighbor, he’s watering his yard too often! Write more than your quota of water tickets, harass your neighbors, and maybe even increase the department baseline budget for 2012…. who cares if the funding isn’t there? The taxpayers will pick it up….

    Hey LBC, how about using those $50,000 in taxpayer funds to cite REAL producers of industrial-scale pollution in LB like the diesel trucks idling at the port, and the diesel container boats waiting to unload just outside the harbor?