LB resident starts Internet TV channel, The Real UHF

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zach-wolk-wierd-alLong Beach resident Zachary Wolk is the creative mind behind The Real UHF, a new full-time Internet television network using taking the concept behind Weird AL Yankovic’s  movie UHF.

UHF was the story of George Newman, a guy destined for mediocrity despite his inspired imagination. This all changes when lady luck twists his destiny into a blank television signal/canvas. In the movie “UHF,” Newman (“Weird Al” Yankovic) is given control of a faltering television station which he turns into an overnight sensation filled with eccentric television shows that gain praise from the local community.

Now, in 2009, Zachary Wolk, a man destined for the same future is given control of Radio Recorders (a television studio where Elvis’ movie Jailhouse Rock was filmed) and creates four completely original television programs to air on

“Long Beach is a mecca for creativity,” Wolk said when asked about his new adventures in video. “I’m interested in people’s ideas and talents, shoot me a line.”

About The Real UHF shows

The Dr. Demento Show: In 2010, Dr. Demento will celebrate his 40th year DJing novelty comedy songs and pop music parodies. Dr. Demento hosted a four-hour radio program on KMET from 1972-1983 that inspired a young Al Yankovic to indulge his “Weird” side and start recording music. Dr. Demento has introduced thousands of new artists on the airwaves, but none have resonated as universally as Weird Al.

On August 3rd, 2009, The Dr. Demento television program became a reality as it brought cameras into Dr. Demento’s radio station, where he plays original music videos instead of vinyl records, presents live performances, and interviews musicians and comedians.

The Count Smokula Show: 496-year-old undead, accordion-playing, ventriloquist, comic cult icon and Hollywood-based legend vampire Count Smokula stars in this sketch-comedy series and will entertain special guests at his castle and basement laboratory in Smokesylvania. Count Smokula lives with his grandfather Vlad in their ancestor’s castle and throughout the season we are introduced to their friends, enemies, and potential soulmates as Count Smokula tries his hand at Internet dating websites. Smokula teaches the audience about a wide variety of his trades, from music, science and art to philosophy, piracy and magic.

Among the guests in the first season are George Clinton, Gerry Casale (DEVO) and Tom Green. The series will feature new Count Smokula musical numbers and music videos.

The Internet TV channel will also include two more shows: All Alone with Neil Hamburger and Product Talk. Merchandise for all shows will be available later this month.

About The Real UHF: Conceived of, produced and funded by Zachary Wolk, The Real UHF aims to stimulate and entertain human beings. Zachary Wolk has been the talent booker for Tom Green Live (TV Guide award, Webby award) and has also worked with Tim and Eric on their show Awesome Show, Great Job! He currently resides in Long Beach with his fiance.

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