Long Beach All American Melodrama Theater

GO-FAME Youth Theatre Company Presents “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

go-fame Long before Elsa sang “Let It Go”, a little mermaid named Ariel dreamed about being “A Part of Your World”. For many young women, she was the first Disney princess to capture their hearts and imagination. They remember watching the movie over and over until the VHS tape wore out.

Melodrama’s Unusual Egg Hunt Counts on Audience Participation

easter egg hunt american melodrama The All American Melodrama Theater located in Long Beach’s Shoreline Village is busy preparing for their annual, if not slightly unusual Easter Sunday tradition. The family friendly comedy venue will be holding a fun and interactive egg hunt during that evening’s performance.

Castaways Land On “Milligan’s Island” At The All American Melodrama Theater

Milligan's Island All American Melodrama Theater Musical Spoof of Classic TV Show Open Melodrama 2011 Season Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip taken by a hapless crew as they wash up on a familiar desert isle and encounter crazy plot twists, evil villains and island gods.

Singing Nanny Stars in Latest Satire at The All American Melodrama Theater

scary-poppins All American Melodrama Theater In a melodrama, the bad guys are always defeated, but how will Long Beach’s All American Melodrama Theater fare when its newest villain, Scary Poppins flies into town? Singing nannies, ’60s children’s fantasy films, and current pop culture are parodied in “Scary Poppins,”  the latest offering from The All American Melodrama Theater.

Laughing Stock Development Brings Bleeding-Edge Comedy to the All-American Melodrama Theater

laughing-stock-development All American Melodrama Theater As the oldest comedy troupe in Long Beach, Laughing Stock Development is dedicated to bringing a comedic renaissance to the city that birthed it. With a unique mix of improv, live sketch, and filmed sketch comedy, the troupe is now bringing their comic vision to the All American Melodrama Theater in Shoreline Village.

The Prince of Thieves Parodied In “Robin Hoodwinked” at The All American Melodrama Theater

robin-hoodwinked-melodrama The All American Melodrama Theater and Music Hall continues its 2010 Season with Robin Hoodwinked: The Melodrama Adventures of Robin Hood. This hilarious parody opened March 12th and runs until May 2nd, will entertain the whole family.

Idaho Smith and the Drinking Fountain of Youth — yep, it’s Melodrama

melodrama-idaho-smith The All American Melodrama Theater and Music Hall opens its latest comedy, melodrama: “Idaho Smith and The Drinking Fountain of Youth, on January 15. Idaho Smith tells the story of a “not so famous” archeologist and explorer who stumbles upon an ancient temple and its mysterious resident.

Space Trek debuts this weekend at All American Melodrama

space-trek-american-melodrama Something intergalactic has landed in the International City and just in time for the Summer Blockbuster Season. The All American Melodrama Theater and Music Hall, Southern California’s newest family entertainment venue will present its next production, “Space Trek”.

All American Melodrama Theater and Music Hall

all-american-melodrama-theater-300x200 EverythingLongBeach.com recently spoke with Ken Parks, Owner of The All American Melodrama Theater and Music Hall, via email. They talked about inspirations, challenges and what’s it’s like having a business in Shoreline Village.

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