Long Beach Clean Truck Program

January 1 Signals Permanent Ban For Older Trucks at Port

clean-trucks In a little over three years, the Port of Long Beach’s landmark Clean Trucks Program has helped clean up the busiest drayage truck fleet in the country and cut related air pollution by 90 percent. On January 1, the program will ban permanently the last remaining older, more polluting trucks from Port terminals.

Port of Long Beach Clean Trucks Program Nearing Final Milestone

clean-trucks In the New Year, the Port of Long Beach’s landmark Clean Trucks Program will hit its final milestone, permanently barring the oldest, most polluting drayage trucks from Port terminals. Although the final ban starts January 1, significant reduction in truck related pollution was reached nearly two years ago.

Clean Trucks Program Expanding as Port Officials Look to Penalize Companies That Skirt the Rules

clean trucks program expanding The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners voted December 20 to expand the Port of Long Beach’s landmark Clean Trucks Program to include smaller rigs, and to penalize trucking companies that switch cargo from “clean” to “dirty” trucks outside Port terminals, a tactic known as “drayage.” “Class 7” trucks are smaller and less powerful than “Class 8” trucks, which are typically used in the movement of shipping containers to and from ports.

Court Ruling Upholds LA Clean Truck Program

big-rig-truck LA Clean Truck Program Photo by Ben Ostrowsky An unprecedented alliance of U.S. truck drivers and environmental, labor, community, faith, civil rights and public health groups jubilantly cheered the news that a U.S. District judge lifted an injunction and upheld the Los Angeles Clean Truck Program in entirety.

Environmental groups file suit against Long Beach over Port’s Clean Truck Program

long-beach-port The Port of Long Beach is celebrating the achievements of the Clean Truck Program. But, in the background bickering continues between environmental groups, truckers and the officials. A volley of press releases were issued January 4 from the NRDC and the ATA.

Port trucking fleet achieves clean-air goal nearly two years ahead of schedule

lng-trucks (Video after the jump!) White will be a popular color for port trucks in 2010. The Port of Long Beach ushered in the New Year with a major Clean Trucks Program milestone, banning thousands of older more polluting trucks and replacing them mostly with the signature white rigs that now service the Port.

Clean Trucks Program Nears Major Goal

clean trucks program expanding New truck fleet bringing improved air quality and safety to busy Long Beach port. As of New Year’s Day 8,000 dirty trucks will be forever banned from Port of Long Beach shipping facilities , marking a major milestone in the continuing transformation of the harbor trucking fleet to improve air quality.

Tomorrow marks first anniversary of Long Beach Port’s Clean Truck Program

clean trucks program expanding At its one-year anniversary, the Port of Long Beach Clean Trucks Program is on track to nearly achieve its goal of an 80 percent reduction in diesel truck pollution, two years ahead of schedule. The Port’s Clean Trucks Program started October 1, 2008, with the aim of dramatically slashing by 2012 air pollution from the thousands of trucks that haul cargo containers to and from Port shipping terminals.

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