Long Beach Coffee Cup Café

Art Unexpected: The Photography of Mick Victor at Coffee Cup Cafe

photography of mick victor Art Unexpected opened Sunday, November 21, at the Coffee Cup Café. Photo courtesy of Mick Victor, Early Cow Concept As an artist working in multiple forms of media, Mick Victor often finds that if one is simply still for a moment and can observe what’s going on around us, there is such a wonderful chaos that occurs.

You Are a Local at Coffee Cup Cafe

Coffee Cup Cafe Hungry My husband and I rarely get a chance to go out to breakfast, since normally we are working during the mornings. We all know that Saturday and Sunday’s are such fiascos, with some restaurants having wait times of more than an hour; it just isn’t worth it to wait it out.

Michele Peabody Myers exhibition at Coffee Cup Café

michele-peabody-myers-exhibition at Coffee Cup Café Sept. 6, 2010 marks the opening of The Chicago Paintings, an exhibition by award winning artist Michele Peabody Myers. Ms. Peabody Myers is a graduate of Art Institute of Chicago. Ms. Peabody Myers post-modernist style points to stereotypical objects in plain sight with hopes of making visible what is often overlooked.

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