Long Beach Coronado Townhomes

New Year Brings New Home in Coronado for Long Beach Graphic Designer

new homeowner moves into coronado community in Long Beach As a new owner of a town home in the Coronado Community, Alquin Velasquez encourages potential buyers to remain optimistic and follow their dream. This New Year’s Eve was unlike any other for Alquinn Velasquez. At 32 years old, the Long Beach graphic designer moved in to his dream home with the help of friends.

First-time Buyer Grateful for a Home to Call Her Own

first-time homeowner linda kelley - coronado townhomes First-time Homeowner Linda Kelley says the location of the Coronado Community was a big selling point. First-time homeowner Linda Kelley had never owned a home and says that her new Coronado townhome is far beyond what she dreamed possible.

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