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Workshop Takes Different Weight Loss Approach

Hungry for Less Kim Kabar Kim Kabar spent years yo-yo dieting – depriving herself of her favorite foods for months at a time, depending on various weight loss meals and products and even popping diet pills – but to no avail. Like the other 90 to 99 percent of the population that cannot maintain long-term weight loss, Kabar was never able to maintain long-term weight loss.

Hungry for Less Offering Free Classes to Address Root Reasons for Weight Gain

Hungry for Less Offering Free Classes Kim Kabar, founder of Hungry for Less, helps dieters get off the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting so they can get out and enjoy life. It’s the number one reason why men and women overeat. Yet, it’s rarely addressed in mainstream weight loss programs.

Hungry for Less Offers Free Class to Women Ready to Lose Weight Permanently

Hungry for Less Offers Free Class Kim Kabar What leads you to the refrigerator? Hunger? Habit? Cravings? Emotions? Hungry for Less in Long Beach isn’t your mama’s weight loss program. Founded by a former yo-yo dieter, Hungry for Less provides transformational tools that allow women to lose weight without deprivation, without product dependency and without calorie counting, diet pills or pre-packaged meals.

Drop the Guilt and Jumpstart Your Resolution to Lose Weight

Kim Kabar leads weight loss program Kim Kabar of Hungry For Less leads a unique program for losing weight. Were you able to eat guilt-free during holiday season? One way to ease the guilt over holiday (over) eating, is to have a concrete weight loss plan for the New Year. 

Local mom to be featured in new Oprah Winfrey series

Kim Kabar Kim Kabar Born 17 weeks premature and only weighing about one pound, Alex Kabar’s heart was simply too weak to continue beating. Just 20 minutes after his birth, Alex died in his mother’s arm.

Hungry for Less Set To Host Final Two Presentations Focusing On No. 1 Reason Why Women Overeat

hungry-for-less-250x250 What goes hand in hand with frustration, anger, stress, anxiety, boredom and sadness? For many women, it’s chocolate, ice cream, potato chips and cake. With a fervent passion and a deep commitment to saving women’s lives, Kim Kabar, founder of Hungry for Less, the nation’s first low-cost weight management program that promises to change women’s relationships with food, is aiming to convince every woman in America to stop dieting and to begin looking at the root why they overeat.

Former Dieter Encourages Women to Let Go of the Yo-Yo and Stop Emotional Eating

Hungry4Less - Kabar and Sivertsen Kim Kabar and Paul Sivertsen have developed an 8-week program that addresses the emotional reasons behind overeating. In search of an answer to end their often decades-long struggle to lose weight, most of the women who initially attend an introductory presentation to Hungry for Less, a new Long Beach-based weight loss program, do so with much reservation, cynicism and doubt.

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