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Los Cerritos Wetlands Implement New Oil-Absorbing and Trash-Barricading Booms

los-cerritos-boom The Los Cerritos Wetlands have recently implemented new hydrocarbon-absorbing foam barriers in Alamitos Bay near the AES Power Plant that allows for the unmanned cleanup of oil-polluted runoff and increased efficiency in trash cleanup.

Long Beach Bikeway 7

Long Beach Bikeway 7 Ride Type: Recreational, Commuter, Family-friendly, Training Long Beach Bikeway Route 7 Long Beach Bikeway Route 7, also known as a the Los Angeles River Trail, is an excellent, all-rounder effort, perfect for commuters traveling to downtown, cyclists looking for a workout and recreational rides, all the while being safe enough for a family outing. 

Residents Meet Up for Annual Dominguez Gap Wetlands Guided Tour

Dominguez Gap Wetlands Guided Tour Springtime is beautiful at the Dominguez Gap Wetlands. Photo from Raphael at http://longbeachnaturalareas.blogspot.com The Fifth Annual Dominguez Gap Wetlands Guided Tour will be hosted by the Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance ( WANA ) on Sunday, April 22.

Sock-It-To-Em Campaign Gathers More Than 3,300 Socks for LB Homeless

Sock It To Em collects more than 3300 socks Sock It To Em collects more than 3300 socks for homeless in Long Beach. After a visit with some Long Beach homeless men and women at local hotels and at a few tent encampments along the LA River on January 20, Justin Rudd set a goal to collect 1,000 brand-new pairs of socks to warm the wet feet of adults and youth on that rainy, cold weekend.

Burbank Sewage Spill Closes Long Beach Open Coastal Beaches

beach-closed-no-swimming sewage spill Burbank A 50,000-gallon sewage spill in Burbank led to beach closures in Long Beach. City Health Officer Dr. Helene Calvet issued the announcement on Tuesday after the sewage spill entered the Los Angeles River. The closure prohibits water-based recreational activities and is specific to Long Beach’s open coastal beaches from 3rd Place to 72nd Place.

Warning to Stay Away from Flood Control Channels, L.A. River

flood channel rescue warning Every year emergency rescue workers risk their lives to save someone who has fallen into the L.A. River. Supervisor Knabe joined County officials this week to advise residents to stay out of County flood control channels, rivers and debris basins during storm season.

Start of Los Angeles River Stormwater Clean-Up Project Announced

los-angeles-river Stormwater Clean-Up Project Photo by PlasticPollution The Gateway Authority and the City of Long Beach announced today the start of construction on the LA Gateway Cities Catch Basin Insert Project. Lauded as a major environmental project that will help 16 cities prevent more than 840,000 pounds of trash each year from entering the Los Angeles River, the $10 million project is the LA Gateway Region’s first State Water Board certified retrofit effort.

Long Beach Bikeway 65: San Gabriel River Trail

lbbikeway I ride Long Beach Bikeway Route 65 often, usually as part of loop that takes me down Long Beach Bikeway 7 (LA River), along Bikeway 2 (the beach path), up Bikeway 65 and then return home on Bikeway Route 56. However, no matter how you might end up on Bikeway 65, this is an excellent, bikes only, path.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 7: Los Angeles River Trail

lbbikeway Long Beach Bikeway Route 7 is without a doubt one of the best bike routes in the city. It’s direct, kid-friendly and visually interesting almost year-round. I ride this route routinely 3 or 4 times a week. For those living in North Long Beach or Bixby Knolls area, this is one of the safest, most direct paths to downtown.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 70: Del Amo Boulevard

lbbikeway Long Beach Bikeway Route 70 (along Del Amo Boulevard) seems to serve the purpose of getting cyclists to and from the LA River Trail (aka Long Beach Bikeway 7). After traveling north on Bikeway Route 17, I turned left onto Route 70 and spotted the first sign at Del Amo Boulevard and Bentree Circle.

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