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Animal Care Services Bureau Achieves Another Record Year

dogs-and-cats The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine Animal Care Services Bureau (ACS) achieved another record year in 2016 with saving animals. The following year-end statistics show increasing progress being made at the animal shelter and are the best numbers ever reported: Over 1100 fewer cats and dogs were impounded at the shelter in 2016, a 15% reduction compared to 2015.

Friends of Long Beach Animals Donates Medical Suite to Long Beach Animal Care Services

long-beach-animal-care-serv Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to responsible pet ownership, education and humane treatment of all animals, has donated a new medical suite with a surgical room to Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS).

Animal Care Services Celebrates Record Year in 2015 with Saving Animals

dog-cat The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine Animal Care Services Bureau (ACS) achieved a record year in 2015 with saving animals. “I am proud of the Long Beach community for stepping up to support our local shelter,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

Play, Cuddle, Adopt at Long Beach ‘Kitty Hall’ This Friday

kitten-cat Long Beach City Hall will become “Kitty Hall” on Friday, September 18, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, to encourage shelter cat adoptions and promote awareness of Long Beach Animal Care Services. Kitty Hall will take place in the lobby of City Hall, 333 West Ocean Boulevard.

Twitter Hashtag May Help Reunite Pets With Owners

cat Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) has launched a new Twitter hashtag to help reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible. The hashtag – #LBLostFoundPets – will be updated every 30 minutes as animals arrive in the shelter or are picked up by officers in the field.

Rabid Skunk Discovered in Long Beach

skunk The City of Long Beach Health Officer reminds residents to vaccinate their pets and avoid contact with wild animals following confirmation of a case of rabies. The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services (LBDHHS) confirmed a skunk found on Thursday, June 26, 2014 in the 90815 area of Long Beach tested positive for rabies.

Tips For Pet Safety During The 4th of July

fireworks The Fourth of July can be a frightening time for animals, with the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks often sending pets scurrying out of the house or yard in search of security or shelter. Long Beach Animal Care Services reminds all animal owners that they can save themselves and their pets a tremendous amount of heartache and anxiety by following a few simple suggestions:

Long Beach Animal Care Services Issues Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

dogs-and-cats Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) reminds residents to keep all family members, including pets, safe during high temperatures. According to Margaret Lee, Shelter Veterinarian for LBACS, families should practice a few simple tips to keep their pets healthy and safe during the heat:

Additional Spay/Neuter Vouchers Available Throughout August

dogs Throughout the rest of August, Long Beach Animal Care Services will be distributing spay/neuter vouchers in person at the PD Pitchford Companion Animal Village. Animal Care Services usually offers a limited number of vouchers on the first Thursday of the month; however, thanks to the generous support of our community the program has been increased this month and vouchers are being offered each day Animal Care Services is open in August.

Stay Safe! Tips for Avoiding Coyote Conflict

Coyote safety tips Never run from a coyote. Keep eye contact and move toward other people. Coyotes are part of the natural habitat in California, and they are increasingly adept at searching for food in cities because their natural habitat has increasingly been encroached by development.

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