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Whether you call them bikeways, bike paths or bike routes if you want to cycle around the city then you’ll need to learn where all the bike lanes lead in Long Beach. This archive follows avid cyclist Peter Dopulos as he maps the bike lanes one route at time. A new route will be reviewed each week.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 40: Willow Rd.

lbbikeway Long Beach Bikeway Route 40 is a brief route that officially runs .5 miles from Studebaker (Long beach Bikeway 33) to the Los Alamitos city line. This Bikeway is along a busy stretch of two-lane road and is not for the inexperienced. The route does have a painted bike lane in both directions and is well marked.

Join the discussion to create a countywide Bicycle Master Plan

los angeles county bicycle master plan Bicycle riders are invited to participate in the second series of community workshops on the countywide Bicycle Master Plan, currently being developed by the Los Angeles County Public Works Department. The Los Angeles County Bicycle Master Plan seeks to expand and connect the bikeways, improve existing bicycle facilities, develop and prioritize a list of proposed new bikeways and bicycle projects, and promote bicycle usage throughout the county.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 54 : East Wardlow Road

route54 Before I review Long Beach Bikeway Route 54 I would like to tip my hat to the City of Long Beach and all those who volunteered to organize and run the Long Beach Bike Tour. A thousand riders participated and $60,000 was raised for Miller’s Children’s Hospital.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 33: Studebaker Rd.

route33 Long Beach Bikeway Route 33 is an enjoyable ride that runs parallel to both Bikeway 27 (Bellflower) and Bikeway 29 (Woodruff), but of the three, I enjoyed this route the best. There is a bit of traffic on this four lane road (two in each direction) but the entire route is well marked with wide, painted bike lanes and no on-street parking whatsoever.

Long Beach Bikeway 65: San Gabriel River Trail

lbbikeway I ride Long Beach Bikeway Route 65 often, usually as part of loop that takes me down Long Beach Bikeway 7 (LA River), along Bikeway 2 (the beach path), up Bikeway 65 and then return home on Bikeway Route 56. However, no matter how you might end up on Bikeway 65, this is an excellent, bikes only, path.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 60: Carson Ave.

long beach bike path An odd coincidence occurred as I rode this route Thursday. My brother was riding in San Diego at about the same time and was hit by a car. Someone shooting a gap between cars, across traffic, nearly T-boned him. Fortunately he hit the brakes at the last moment, collided with their right front bumper and flipped up onto the windshield, before flipping over the top of the car and landing on his feet, relatively unharmed.

Bixby Road Bike Lane completes Long Beach bike loop

moving long beach community meetings Last week the City of Long Beach installed a new bike lane on Bixby Road.  The Bixby Road Bike Lane includes striping, signage, and bike lane pavement markings along Bixby Road from Country Club Drive to Cherry Avenue. This new bike lane connects Los Cerritos Park, Longfellow Elementary School, and Hughes Middle School, and passes through a portion of the Bixby Knolls’ commercial district on Atlantic Avenue.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 30: Atherton St.

route30 (2) I began my journey on a cold, blustery day with rain clouds looming in the distance. I reached Long Beach Bikeway Route 30 after traveling Route 56 (Conant) to Route 27 (Bellflower) to what I thought was the beginning of Route 30.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 27: Bellflower Boulevard

route27 Long Beach Bikeway Route 27 is an efficient route that takes cyclists from Heartwell Park to Atherton (Long Beach Bikeway Route 30) or unofficially to Bellflower Boulevard’s end at Loynes Drive (Bikeway Route 10). For almost its entire length, Bikeway 27 is a spacious bike lane that is often wider than the car lanes — especially along the northern section.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 29: Woodruff Avenue

route29 I picked up Long Beach Bikeway Route 29 (Woodruff Ave) after traveling along Long Beach Bikeway Route 60 (Carson). This section of Woodruff is lined mostly with residential blocks on either side with very few landmarks along the way.

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