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TELLABRATION: Long Beach Storytellers Join in International Celebration

Tellabration - Long Beach Storytelling TELLABRATION! is a night of storytelling celebrated world-wide on or about the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Guilds and storytelling enthusiasts all around the globe gather to share their storytelling talents in concerts that celebrate the art of storytelling.

Liars, Thieves and Chocolate: Adult Storytelling at El Dorado Nature Center

Changes for Long Beach Public Library Liars, Thieves & Chocolate is the title of a stimulating evening of adult storytelling coming to the El Dorado Nature Center, Saturday, June 9, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. The evening will showcase local storytellers as they each delight the audience with their own brand of storytelling to please both the intellect and the appetite.

Have Fun, Tell Your Story; “Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller” Returns

playhouse-storytellers April 29th begins the first show of Season Two of “Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller.” The Spring show kicks off at Long Beach Playhouse, where the audience and judges vote. A cash prize of $100 is awarded each show to the storyteller with the most votes.

Your Chance To Be, Or See, The Greatest Story Teller In Long Beach

Local storytellers get ready for the April 3rd show at LB Playhouse Local storytellers get ready for the April 3rd show at LB Playhouse Long Beach Playhouse will host a citywide event attracting writers and performers to participate in the oldest art form known to man. Telling a great story is the stage version of reality TV.

Sunday Adult Storytelling Series Presents Padraic Keohane’s “On the Road to Parrot Eyes”

Keohane On The Road To Parrot Eyes Padraic Keohane This event wraps up four big Sunday nights of storytelling by adults for adults in 2010!  This installment features Padraic Keohane‘s “On The Road To Parrot Eyes,” where you’ll meet such colorful characters as peddlers who deal in emotions and people who have lost their wings.

Sunday Adult Storytelling Series at the Found Theatre featuring Kirk Waller

kirk-waller Sunday Adult Storytelling Series Kirk Waller SASS! is Sunday Adult Storytelling Series, storytelling by adults for adults. On 4 Sundays in 2010 sit back and relax as master storycrafters lead you on a journey through the familiar, the funny and the fantastic in the intimate setting of the Found Theatre.

Found Theatre hosts Ellaraino at Sunday Adult Storytelling Series

found-theatre The Found Theatre is getting ready to raise the curtain on the 4th season season of SASS: Sunday Adult Storytelling Series. The first story teller will be Ellaraino with special guest Baki performing “Jumping Off The Front Porch.” SASS!

Acorn Festival and Tellebration at El Dorado Nature Center

nature center stream restoration project Looking for a bit of nature in the middle of the city? El Dorado Nature Center is an oasis of natural habitat, offering visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle. Nature lovers are invited to welcome the fall season along with all the wonders and colors it brings at two events at the nature center this month.

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