Long Beach Long Beach Town Center

Long Beach Bikeway 65: San Gabriel River Trail

lbbikeway I ride Long Beach Bikeway Route 65 often, usually as part of loop that takes me down Long Beach Bikeway 7 (LA River), along Bikeway 2 (the beach path), up Bikeway 65 and then return home on Bikeway Route 56. However, no matter how you might end up on Bikeway 65, this is an excellent, bikes only, path.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 60: Carson Ave.

long beach bike path An odd coincidence occurred as I rode this route Thursday. My brother was riding in San Diego at about the same time and was hit by a car. Someone shooting a gap between cars, across traffic, nearly T-boned him. Fortunately he hit the brakes at the last moment, collided with their right front bumper and flipped up onto the windshield, before flipping over the top of the car and landing on his feet, relatively unharmed.

Free Health Screenings this weekend at Sam’s Club

free health screenings Southern California is well into the first month of Spring and smack-dab in the middle of April showers, so it’s easy to blame the weather if you’re not feeling much like a Spring Chicken. However, if it’s more than the weather that’s holding you down, maybe it’s time for a quick, health check.

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