Long Beach Los Angeles County Supervisors

L.A. County Votes to Ban Plastic Bags

long beach ban on plastic bags This week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a ban on single-use carryout bags at all grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and drug stores located in the County’s unincorporated areas.

Protecting Children Requires Solutions, Not Finger Pointing

protecting children's well being Commentary by Supervisor Don Knabe As a father and grandfather, learning of the death of any child in our foster care system is heart-wrenching and unacceptable. Over the last few weeks, the media has reported on an increase in fatalities in our County system through a misguided focus on some recently released data.

L.A. Supervisors Want Changes to Non-Revocable Parole Program

parole The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to send a five-signature letter to the state legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger requesting to amend the criteria for the non-revocable parole program so that known membership in a street gang will disqualify an individual from the program, Supervisor Don Knabe announced today.

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