Long Beach Luther Burbank School

4th Restoration Trade Fair & Fundraiser to Spotlight “The Culture of Restoration”

4th Restoration Trade Fair You can’t open a paper or turn on a TV these days without hearing the word, ‘makeover.’ Everyone is redoing their personal spaces from the ground up; both inside and out. Homeowners, and those who aspire to owning property, often have a daunting challenge when it comes to navigating the processes of starting new projects—whether it’s picking a subcontractor for a big job or selecting paint to do it themselves.

4th Street in Motion Festivals ready to roll through Retro Row

4th street in motion festival The 1st Annual 4th Street in Motion festival is rolling into town on May 9. The wheels are turning on 4th Street, aspiring to an increasingly green lifestyle and this festival is no exception, showcasing alternative transportation and bicycle-related activities.

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