Long Beach Property Based Improvement District

DLBA to Install Seven Animal Waste Bag Dispensers in Downtown Area

animal waste bag dispensers (credit: EPKvision) Downtown residents and DLBA staff celebrate the installation of an animal waste bag dispenser in the East Village Arts District. From left: Patricia Zaid and Coco, Liz Campbell and Gunner, Stefanie Gillett, DLBA Residential Coordinator, Tyler Kim, DLBA Economic Development Coordinator, and Chloe, Rebecca Dragula and Emma, Julie Korinke, DLBA Communications Manager, Weston LaBar and Tyson.

DLBA To Deliver Signed Property Based Improvement District Petitions to City of Long Beach

dlba-250x200 The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) will deliver signed Property Based Improvement District (PBID) petitions, which represent more than 50% of the weighted PBID vote, to the City of Long Beach this week, announced DLBA President and CEO Kraig Kojian.

Final Management Plan for Downtown PBID Unanimously Approved by DLBA

dlba-sq The Downtown Long Beach Associates’ (DLBA) Board of Directors, unanimously (13-0) approved the final management plan for Downtown’s proposed Property Based Improvement District (PBID) at a special meeting held this morning.

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