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Connected Corridor Hosts Community Event Tonight

connected-corridor Project evaluation Today, January 25, 2011,  the Connected Corridor is hosting a community event at Hamilton Middle School. It will be a time for conversations and information gathering. The theme for the event is Change is Happening! Jim Worsham, President and CEO of Long Beach Community Foundation says, “One of the best ways to learn where Long Beach is headed, is to first learn where it has been.

ReThinking Greater Long Beach sponsors community events for Connected Corridor’s Phase 4 outreach

connected-corridor Project evaluation All are invited to attend one of the community presentation events by ReThinking Greater Long Beach on June 2 (afternoon) or June 16 (evening) as part of the Atlantic Avenue Connected Corridor’s Phase 4 outreach. These two presentations by ReThinking Greater Long Beach, a self-described Think Tank, in which they will provide a statistical picture of the community based on poverty and demographics to highlight who is living along the Corridor and under what conditions, K-12 education to show how our children are performing in school as well as public safety to show the crime problems that we must deal with along this portion of the Corridor.

Leadership Long Beach Connected Corridor

llb-connected-corridor EverythingLongBeach.com recently spoke with Carina Cristiano Leoni, Project Director of LLB Connected Corridor, via email. They talked about the inspirations and challenges of running a nonprofit organization in Long Beach.

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