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Sen. Ted Lieu’s Plan to Increase Arts Funding to $25 Million Annually Moves Forward

ted-lieu In response to decades of budget cuts to one of California’s most dynamic and innovative industries, a plan by Sen. Ted Lieu of Redondo Beach to increase arts funding to $25 million annually passed its first policy test.

Gov. Brown Ok’s Bill Requiring Restitution for False 911 Calls

Long Beach Police Long Beach Police – Photo by Barbara Holbrook, Everything Long Beach Monday, Gov. Brown signed into law a public-safety measure mandating full restitution to taxpayers from those convicted of falsely reporting emergencies to 911.

Sen.Ted W. Lieu Praises Texas Ban on Children Using Tanning Beds

ted-lieu Sen. Ted W. Lieu Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance, author of California’s first-in-the-nation law banning youths under age 18 from indoor tanning beds, today released the following statement in response to Texas’ new law: “As a parent of two children, I’m heartened to see Texas join California in taking steps to ensure our children are better protected from the proven cancer-causing effects of tanning beds,” Lieu said about Texas measure Senate Bill 329, which became law last Friday without the governor’s signature.

Sen. Ted Lieu’s Proposed Political Contributions Disclosures Bill Moves Forward

ted-lieu Sen. Ted Lieu A plan to strengthen the California Political Reform Act through greater disclosures of political contributions passed the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee Tuesday. “These changes would provide voters with more information about who’s funding the increasing amount of political ads and mailers,” Lieu, D-Torrance, said about Senate Bill 2, known as the Sunshine in Campaigns Act.

Data Supports Need For Crackdown on Parolees According to Sen. Lieu

Sen. Ted W. Lieu Sen. Ted W. Lieu New data shows record increases in the number of convicted sex offenders, gang members and other parolees who illegally cut off their ankle-mounted monitoring bracelets, bill author Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance announced today.

Sen. Ted W. Lieu Takes on Issue of Parolees Removing GPS-aided Ankle Bracelets

ted lieu california senate Sen. Ted Lieu Citing recent state data showing a two-thirds jump in parolees who illegally remove ankle-mounted monitoring bracelets, Sen. Ted W. Lieu today introduced a bill making such actions a felony.

Sen. Lieu’s bill Blocking Mandatory Online Rent Payments Moves To Governor’s Desk

ted lieu california senate Sen. Ted Lieu In response to complaints from residents that more and more landlords are requiring rental payments be made only online, the California Senate today approved and sent to the governor a bill by Sen. Ted W. Lieu that would ensure residents can continue paying with check or money order.

California Gets One Step Closer to Banning Conversion Therapy

Photo by Jason Alley Photo by Jason Alley For the second time in two weeks, a Senate policy committee today approved a patient-protection plan by Sen. Ted W. Lieu that promises to help raise public awareness of bogus and unethical therapies by mental-health providers who promise to help change a person’s sexual orientation.

Bill Allowing Counties to Collect Victims Restitution From Convicted Felons Pushed by Sen. Lieu

ted lieu california senate Sen. Ted Lieu California residents who have been victimized would find it easier to collect restitution from their convicted perpetrators under a bill announced today by Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance. “Now that certain state prison inmates are held in local jails, county sheriffs need the authority to collect restitution from these offenders in order to help the victims of their crimes,” Sen.

Requiring Rent Be Paid Online? Legislation Could Stop Landlords From Setting Payment Arrangements

paying rent online Some property management companies started changing rental agreements, requiring residents to pay rent online. In response to complaints from residents that more and more landlords are requiring rental payments be made only online, Sen.

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