Long Beach sushi bar

Kashiwa: The New Place for Sushi in Signal Hill

Kashiwa Sushi Bar Signal Hill isn’t always the best place to grab some food, so when you find yourself there, sometimes it can be a bit confounding to figure out what you want to eat. With a smart phone, you can sometimes rely on Yelp to lead you in the right direction, and that is what I did last week after a much needed Costco trip.

Bai-Plu Thai Cuisine and Aki Sushi: Delicious and Unassuming

Bai Plu Thai and Aki Sushi 1 On a busy, unassuming part of 7th street sits a little gem of a restaurant one would hardly notice unless you were told to visit. As a matter of fact, one weekend evening, this is exactly how we ended up at Bai-Plu Thai Cuisine & Aki Sushi Restaurant.

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