LBCC Awarded for Policies That Increase Student Success

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Eloy O. Oakley

Eloy O. Oakley, Superintendent-President, Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College (LBCC) Superintendent-President Eloy O. Oakley and the Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees received the 2013 Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Pacific Region Equity Award for their leadership in setting policies, championing an environment of inclusivity, and ensuring results for the enhancement and expansion of opportunities for their diverse student population.

“During very tough fiscal challenges, the Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees have provided admirable and continuous leadership for the advancement and student success of our diverse student body,” said Superintendent-President Eloy O. Oakley. “The innovative practices we have developed by implementing the Promise Pathways initiative has helped more students complete key college milestones with clear career pathways leading to certificates, degrees and meaningful careers.” 

The Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) and Superintendent-President received the ACCT Equity Award in recognition of increasing student success through the initiative Promise Pathways (P2). P2 launched in the fall of 2012 to increase the number of Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) students who successfully complete college, in a shorter amount of time. The P2 initiative places high school graduates into English and math courses based on high school grades rather than standardized assessment tests. Students enroll in these courses during their first semester to enable them to begin making progress toward their educational and career goals early on.

As a result of these two transformational innovations of predictive placement and prescriptive scheduling, P2 has significantly increased the number of incoming high school graduates who completed key college milestones, including transfer-level English and math in their first semester of college. These milestones are early indicators of success for students who want to earn certificates and degrees or to transfer to four-year institutions.

Transfer-level English completions of LBUSD graduates quadrupled, and transfer-level math completions of LBUSD graduates more than doubled. The success rates for every demographic group enrolled in P2 increased with some of the largest relative gains made by Latino and African American students, even though efforts are still needed to close the achievement gaps among student demographic groups. The program also significantly increased the number and percentage of students who enrolled full-time and achieved a semester-to-semester retention rate in excess of 88 percent.

LBCC’s outcomes in increasing student success aligns with ACCT’s priorities, and brings both regional and national visibility to promising practices in community colleges across the nation. The ACCT Equity Awards are presented to community colleges demonstrating leadership, enhancement and expansion in the following areas:

  • Enrollment: growth in a diverse student population
  • Successful completion: environment that fosters minority students to succeed
  • College majors that lead to better paying, higher mobility jobs
  • Campus environment: meeting the needs of a diverse student population

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