LBCC Expands Winter Sessions for Hard-to-Get Classes

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Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College (LBCC) announced Wednesday that two Winter Sessions will be offered to students looking for high demand courses. LBCC will offer state funded winter courses and self-funded extension winter courses. Schedules for both sessions will be available in November.

The decision came after the LBCC Board of Trustees voted at its October 22 meeting to approve the addition of the Community Colleges Intersession Extension Program (CCIEP). The Extension program was recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown and allows for a pilot program that offers students high demand courses when state funding is not available to support such classes.

The addition of the Community Colleges Intersession Extension Program provides students with additional options to take course work to meet their needs. The two winter intersessions (traditional and extension) will provide opportunities for students to progress towards their academic goals. 

“The LBCC Board of Trustees were unanimous in their vote to offer high demand courses through the Community Colleges Intersession Extension Program,” said Eloy Ortiz Oakley, LBCC’s Superintendent-President. “While I am aware of concerns related to our participation in the Extension Program, LBCC is taking proactive steps towards increasing access and ensuring students are aware of their options and that accurate information on both programs is available in order for them to make informed decisions on their academic goals and needs.”
Vice President Gregory Peterson added, “We are working to provide distinct timelines for enrollment for each of the two winter intersession courses to avoid confusion and give those students who opt to take the Community Colleges Intersession Extension Program give them all of the financial aid options available, including the Federal American Opportunity Tax Credit.”

Regular winter intersession priority register will begin November 18, followed by regular spring semester registration on December 2 and the newly added winter extension program registration beginning on December 9.

State supported intersession courses will maintain existing fee and financial aid policies, while Extension courses will contain a newly adopted fee structure voted on and approved by the college’s Board. Those per unit fees include $225 per unit for resident students, a Board of Governors Fee Waiver for eligible students of $90 per unit, and a non-resident per unit fee of $265.00.

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