LBCreative! aims to bring together the arts community in Long Beach

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lb-creativeCatalyst Community, Project Oasis, Collective I and EPK Vision have partnered together to help bridge the gap in some of our fragmented creative communities in Long Beach. The group of arts organizations is hoping to build tangible connections between local painters, 3D artists, film makers, writers, crafters, dancers, musicians, singers, song writers, performers and all those included in the wide range of arts, culture, and entertainment. 

LBCreative! is a collaborative of local artists and organizations working together to strengthen the arts and culture in our community.

“So many of us are working independently on great projects and events. What would it look like if we worked together cooperatively, not competitively,” asks a press release issued by LB Creative! “We could share resources, brainstorm ideas, promote each others’ events, and collaborate together towards common projects. Together, we can enhance the cultural and creative landscapes of our city! It’s going to be very exciting, very grassroots, and very meaningful!”

To begin an ongoing collaborative process, LBCreative! will host a gathering Wednesday, July 15 at 6:30 p.m. so that the art community can meet and enjoy light refreshments community potluck style. Feel free to bring a dish to share.

This initial meeting will be a time to cast the vision as a group for what the collaborative arts community could look like. Then smaller groups can break off to begin planning steps to see those visions through.

Start thinking about what things you would like to see happen within the creative community within the next year. Then mark your calendar and RSVP for the first collaborative gathering of LBCreative!. Send an email to and she will send the address or the event and other details. Feel free to spread the word throughout the creative communities by inviting your friends!

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