LBFD Adopts PulsePoint App to Alert Citizens to Persons in Need of CPR

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To aid cardiac arrest victims quickly, the Long Beach Fire Department, The PulsePoint Foundation and Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach are making the PulsePoint app available to individuals in the City of Long Beach. Aimed at average citizens and off-duty professionals trained in CPR, the app alerts registered users when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a public place in their immediate vicinity. Informed at the same time as emergency responders, users are given detailed instructions, including the location of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) nearby.

More than 22,167 people in Los Angeles County have already downloaded the app. A widespread promotional campaign began on October 4 with the READY Long Beach Community Preparedness Expo at Heartwell Park helped raise awareness among the 461,000 residents of Long Beach.

“The PulsePoint App will be a vital asset to our City because it creates more first responders to augment our emergency medical personnel,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “If you’re CPR-trained, please download the PulsePoint app now to help save a life.”

The City Council last month expressed support of the PulsePoint app and requested that the City prepare an outreach strategy to help inform the community of this new technology, based on a request brought forth by Councilmembers Stacy Mungo and Suzie Price.

The leading cause of death in the U.S., cardiac arrests outside hospitals are responsible for more than 1,000 deaths a day and 424,000 a year. Effective CPR administered immediately after a cardiac arrest can potentially double or triple the victim’s chance of survival, but less than half of victims receive that immediate help.

“The PulsePoint app enables citizens that are trained in CPR to take lifesaving action that will make a difference in our community and increase the chance of survivability during a sudden cardiac arrest,” said Long Beach Fire Chief Michael DuRee. “PulsePoint will save lives. In partnership with Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, we are committed to introducing technology that can help us build a safer, more resilient community.”

“As a health care organization committed to the health of individuals and the community, Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center is proud to partner with the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Fire Department to get the word out about PulsePoint,” said St. Mary Medical Center President/CEO Thomas A. Salerno. “PulsePoint has been proven to save lives, so this is right in line with our organizational mission.”

“The PulsePoint App is an important tool that the public can use to help their neighbors in time of need,” Councilmember Mungo said.

In addition to the PulsePoint app, the Long Beach Fire Department will be using the PulsePoint AED app to help locate and record all public access defibrillators in the City for use during cardiac arrest emergencies. Once validated, these crowdsourced AED will be visible in the PulsePoint app as well as for dispatcher use during emergency calls. The PulsePoint apps are available for iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store™ and Google Play™.

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