LBFD Crash Units plug a fuel leak on a Boeing C-17

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Friday, February 19 at 5:21 p.m. the Long Beach Fire Department units responded to a C-17 with a fuel leak from a malfunctioning fuel ditching valve. The plane was in flight at the time of the emergency although no fire was reported.

The aircraft landed safely and all flight crewmembers were evacuated without injury.

LBFD crash units, T7 and Boeing Fire units provided spill containment and plugged the fuel leak, utilizing highly specialized equipment, making it possible to tow the aircraft back to the Boeing facility for repairs. There was approximately 75-100 gallons of Jet-A Fuel that had leaked onto Taxiway Bravo at Delta.

The scene was turned over to Boeing Fire and Airport Security for further cleanup of the spill area. Boeing Co. had their own private environmental company that was to perform the clean up. A total of 23 apparatus and 51 personnel initially responded to this call.

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