LBFD called out to clean up 1,400 Gallons of diesel fuel on the 91 Freeway

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On Monday afternoon, a little after 4 p.m., the Long Beach Fire Department was dispatched to reports of an overturned tanker truck at Paramount Boulevard and the on-ramp to the Westbound 91 Freeway. First arriving units on scene noticed the tanker trailer was on it’s side and leaking fuel—the fuel leak was later estimated to be about 25 gallons per minute.

Initial emergency operations focused on protecting life safety, contain the leaking fuel, control the leak and eliminate ignition sources. Water supply was established and a foam blanket was put down to control vapors. This foam blanket was maintained throughout the incident.

Once the incident became stabilized, Hazardous Materials operations were initiated. This included air monitoring, environmental monitoring, and preparing for a “Stinger” operation to offload the fuel.

Hazardous Materials Specialists entered the “exclusion zone” and began procedures to offload the diesel. This included stabilizing the rolled over tank, grounding and bonding the tank. After this was completed, the HazMat Specialists accessed the remaining fuel in the tank by drilling two, 4” holes in the aluminum skin of the rolled tank. A pump-off truck was then placed in position to receive the remaining fuel. A vacuum truck was also on the scene to recover the spilled fuel and foam mixture.

A total of 2,600 gallons of diesel fuel was recovered from the rolled over tank during the “Stinger” off-loading process. Another 1,400 gallons of leaking diesel fuel and water/foam mixture was recovered from the containment area.

Approximately 500 gallons of diesel fuel entered the storm drain system. This estimate is on the “high” end. The diesel fuel in the storm drain was stopped at Artesia and the Rail Road tracks west of Paramount Blvd.

A total of 47 Firefighters responded to this incident, 38 from Long Beach and 9 from the Vernon and Santa Fe Springs Fire Departments, who also provided Hazardous Materials Response Teams. Other responders included, Long Beach Police Department, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans, Long Beach Public Works, California Fish and Game, Long Beach Health Department, Health 44 and Long Beach Search and Rescue.

No injuries to responders or civilians were reported.

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