LBFD Rescues Couple from Crane 200 Feet Above Ground

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On the evening of October 30, at 6:44 pm, units from the Long Beach Fire Department responded to 1521 Harbor Scenic Drive to a report of two persons injured in a large crane.

The Urban Search and Rescue crew discovered a man and woman in the cab of a large cargo crane. Both victims had sustained moderate injuries when the crane came to a sudden stop. The severity of these injuries also made it so they were unable to climb down to waiting emergency workers.

The rescue process was made even more challenging because the cab of the crane sits a dizzying 200 feet above the ground. In order to rescue the couple, firefighters used a hoist line from the crane’s engine room to rig a lowering system. Both patients were lowered to the ground in a steel basket known as a stokes while a firefighter rode the entire way down to maintain constant patient contact and provide stability.

Emergency medical care was rendered to the rescued couple, who appeared to be in their 50s, and paramedics rushed them to a local hospital.

Fire fighters practice tirelessly for this type of scenario and have trained numerous times on the very cranes that were involved in this incident. A total of 24 fire personnel responded to this incident. The cause is currently under investigation.

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