LBFD Rescues Woman from Elevator in the World Trade Center

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At approximately 9:45am Wednesday morning, the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) responded to The World Trade Center downtown for a report of a trapped victim on a stuck elevator car.

Upon arrival, they discovered that one woman was trapped high above the ground floor in an elevator car between the 12th and 13th floor. Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) were immediately called to respond with specially-trained personnel and equipment.

Rescue workers decided that the only way to safely rescue the victim was to do an “elevator to elevator rescue.”  Two USAR firefighters, equipped with special harnesses, loaded onto the top of an elevator car on the 17th floor directly next to the elevator shaft of the stuck elevator. Next, they lowered the car down until it was parallel to the stuck elevator.  Both firefighters carefully moved across to the roof of the stuck elevator car with the trapped victim and lowered a small attic ladder through the access hatch. With the firefighters assistance, the victim cautiously climbed up the ladder and onto the top of the elevator car.  The firefighters moved the woman carefully across to the working car and safely offloaded from the elevator back onto 17th floor.

The very relieved victim was evaluated by paramedics for any injuries and released.

The elevator rescue took approximately 30 minutes from the time of dispatch to rescue, with a total of seven apparatus and 17 personnel operating on scene.

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