LBFD Responds to Rain Related Flooding in Peninsula Area

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On Saturday evening, Long Beach Fire and Marine Safety Resources were dispatched to the Peninsula for reports of flooding in the area.

A high tide along with heavy surf conditions caused erosion of the protective sand berm built along the Peninsula beach. As a result, 20 homes on Ocean Blvd between 66th and 72nd Place, sustained damage to either living levels or parking areas. The monetary extent of damage is unknown, but reports were noted as mild to moderate. No residents were reported to be displaced.

LBFD personnel assess damage on-scene, checked on the safety of residents, evaluated the effectiveness of pumping stations, and assisted filling sandbags (approximately 200 bags) for residents. Long Beach Public Works Bulldozers were requested to rebuild the berm in affected areas.

The LBFD Swift Water Rescue Team continued to patrol the Long Beach Waterways until storm activity subsided.

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