LBPD checkpoints deters impaired drivers from taking the wheel

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The Long Beach Police Department will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on Saturday, February 20, 2010, from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The checkpoint location will be northbound Atlantic Avenue at Harding Street.

Funding for this operation is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Traffic safety officials have declared 2010 “The Year of the Checkpoint” and provided $8 million in funding for DUI checkpoints statewide. This will be the second DUI checkpoint conducted in Long Beach this year.

“To my knowledge, California conducts more checkpoints than any other state,” said OTS Director Christopher J. Murphy. “DUI checkpoints are time-tested and proven as the most effective DUI countermeasure and I’m gratified that we’re seeing the life-saving results.”

The increased DUI checkpoints are part of an effort to reduce the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol involved crashes. When checkpoints are conducted, officers can identify offenders and get them off the street immediately — before someone gets hurt.

Long Beach Police Department believes motorists can be deterred from drinking and driving. Publicizing the checkpoint is a planned part of the operation. Increasing drivers’ awareness of the dangers of impaired driving—or at least the danger of getting caught—is an effective method of encouraging the use of designated drivers.

Traffic volume and weather permitting, all vehicles may be checked and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be arrested. The objective of the checkpoint is to send a clear message to anyone considering driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and/or drugs – over the limit, under arrest.

In addition to taking impaired drivers off the rode, checkpoints are also used to ensure that drivers have a valid driver’s license.

For further information contact Sergeant Tom Marcoux in the Traffic Section at  (562) 570-7295.

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