LBPD, LBPF and Local Resident Partner to Build Weapons Destruction Device

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The Long Beach Police Department is pleased to announce the procurement of a new piece of equipment for our Evidence Control Section called “The Crusher.” The Crusher will allow for increased efficiency and productivity in the area of gun and weapons destruction, and it was all made possible by Al Brunella, a Long Beach resident and owner of “Hi Flo Corporation,” a manufacturing business, in partnership with the Long Beach Police Foundation (LBPF).

Per the California Penal Code, firearms that are no longer needed as evidence, or have been surrendered for safekeeping, shall be destroyed so they can no longer be used as a weapon. Prior to obtaining The Crusher, all firearms and weapons ready for destruction had to be transported by armed escort to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This process required extensive planning, coordination, and several personnel hours to ensure a safe delivery.

Sergeant Dan Barkwill, who supervises the Evidence Control Section, met Al Burnella through a mutual friend. The two discussed the need for L.B.P.D. to have its own weapon destruction machine and they partnered to plan, design and build The Crusher. Al donated all the materials, labor and time to build the machine, which has an estimated value of approximately $20,000.

This new equipment will give the department the ability to process more weapon disposals annually, and will also allow us to redirect resources used for the armed escort, conduct on-site audits, and potentially increase salvage revenue back to the department for the scrap metal incurred.

The Long Beach Police Department is incredibly grateful for the time and generosity Al donated, and to the Long Beach Police Foundation who made this donation possible.

The LBPF is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit and is the only charitable organization that provides private, direct funding for the Long Beach Police Department. The LBPF actively seeks donations from private businesses and individuals, and facilitates direct, designated donations that support our community safety mission. For more information visit

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