LBPD shoots dog after multiple aggressive attacks

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police shoot dog attackOn Tuesday, April 6, 2010, at approximately 11 p.m., Long Beach police initially responded to the 100 block of Ximeno Avenue regarding a possible dog fight that resulted in the shooting of a pit bull dog.

When officers arrived, they discovered a male victim down on the ground who had sustained multiple dog bites.  The victim was holding his small dog that appeared to have also sustained numerous dog bites.

Through their investigation, officers learned that the victim and his dog had been attacked by a pit bull that lived in the area.  Officers contacted the owner of the pit bull at his residence and instructed him to leash up his dog and to bring him outside so that he could be taken into custody by Animal Control.

The owner brought the pit bull outside on a leash, but with a loose collar.  The pit bull continued to aggressively pull away from the owner.  The officers continually ordered the owner to gain control of his dog; however the owner was unable to do so.

The dog eventually wiggled out of his collar and ran away as the officers gave chase attempting to catch up.  The dog then ran to a nearby vehicle where a woman and her small dog were getting out.  The pit bull charged the vehicle head first, crashing into the passenger side window and bouncing off, as the woman scrambled to get her and her dog back inside.  The pit bull then aggressively ran around the car several times jumping and crashing its body up against it in an attempt to attack the woman and/or her dog.

The officers caught up to the dog and attempted to subdue it by striking him several times with a baton. The dog was unaffected by the strikes and eventually turned on the officers.  One officer fired his weapon at the dog, however, the dog was not struck and continued to flee towards 2nd Street. With the assistance of the Department’s Air Support Unit “Fox,” officers were directed to a park in the area of St. Joseph Avenue and Livingston Drive.

When the dog took an aggressive stance and lunged at the officers, they both fired their weapons, striking the dog multiple times.  The deceased dog was then taken into custody by Animal Control.

The male victim was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for the dog bites.  The victim’s dog was also transported to an animal hospital by a resident and is expected to recover.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack or has any information regarding the incident is asked to contact Long Beach Police Homicide Detectives Pat O’dowd and Terri Hubert at (562) 570-7244.


4 Responses to “LBPD shoots dog after multiple aggressive attacks”
  1. Damian Cola says:

    I think it should go without saying that this owner needs to be brought up on charges and held liable for damages for not properly restraining and leashing his dog.

  2. Joe Stand says:

    I think it should also go without saying that this behavior as described above is extremely abnormal, of ANY breed of dog. I would hope they are conducting a necropsy (a canine autopsy), especially if this owner could not provide verification of current rabies vaccinations. The behavior is so outrageous, perhaps even toxicology would benefit Animal Control in determining what charges can and should be brought against this owner.

  3. Laura Jenkins says:

    The dog owner should be held criminally liable as though he were the one to cause “a male victim down on the ground who had sustained multiple dog bites. The victim was holding his small dog that appeared to have also sustained numerous dog bites.” If the dog owner were instead a gun owner and shot the male victim, would we think justice served if the gun merely was destroyed?

  4. Laura Jenkins says:

    And what about the police? It may be their job to protect the public, but this dog owner had no right to put the officers in a position to have to risk the public and fire their guns. The police officers should be able to sue the dog owner for putting them in such an emotionally distressing situation.