LBPD to Consolidate Divisions to Cut Costs

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tip a copThe Long Beach Police Department will be consolidating its South and West Patrol Divisions into one, as part of a cost-saving measure to help mitigate the budget reductions and decreased personnel for the adopted budget for fiscal year 2013. There is no specific date scheduled for the consolidation to take effect, but it is estimated to occur near the end of 2012, or early 2013.

The West Patrol Division encompasses the portion of the city north of Anaheim Street up to Wardlow Road, west of Cherry Avenue and along the west border of Signal Hill, and the South Patrol Division borders are Anaheim Street to the waterfront, and from Cherry Avenue to Harbor Scenic Drive. The consolidated division will be known as West Division, and the patrol beat boundaries will not change. The officers previously assigned to the South Division will deploy out of the West Division Substation at 1835 Santa Fe Avenue instead of Police Headquarters in downtown Long Beach.

The decision to consolidate the divisions was an extensive undertaking that involved months of planning, with consideration given to its long-term effect on the Department, as well as the community. It will begin as a pilot project, which will be evaluated on a regular basis to assess efficiency and effectiveness, impact on crime, community response, response times, logistics, technological needs, and impact on police personnel.

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