Learn Podcasting from Digital Podcast expert Alex Nesbitt

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On February 17 LBPodcasters will have a free seminar on how to start a podcast. The meetup will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Catalyst Community space in the East Village, 430 East First Street.

Creating a podcast is an effective way of communicating your organizations and personal opinions to a large audience. In this meetup podcasting expert, Alex Nesbitt (publisher of DigitalPodcast.com) will detail how to produce a podcast, as well as go over techniques for each stage of production. Learn how to distribute your podcast to as many people as possible and best practices for marketing and outreach to give your podcast optimal visibility online.

Top 5 Things You’ll Learn about Podcasting:

  1. Types of podcast and which will best suit your needs
  2. Types of platforms and how to use them
  3. Best practices for creating and maintaining your podcast
  4. Ways to get your podcast noticed
  5. Search Engine Optimization for the podcasting community

The free podcasting seminar should run about 60-90 minutes.

Alex Nesbitt started Digital Podcast in 2004 at the birth of podcasting. With more that 100,000 visitors each month, Digital Podcast is now one of the leading podcast directories. Digital Podcast also powers 500,000 podcast searches each month on Nokia phones and other web sites. In addition to publishing Digital Podcast, Alex actively advises companies in the social and new media value chain who need to more successfully monetize their businesses. He focuses on turning communities into economies, engaging and activating super fans and on the advertising supply chain.

LBPodcasters are Long Beach Meetup group for local podcasters, social networkers, videographers, vidcasters, live Internet TV hosts, or anyone who creates content and uploads it to the web.


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  1. Attendees MUST rsvp at http://www.LBpodcasters.com so we can save you a seat!