LBSC premieres two new one-act plays Friday

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2-one-acts-plays-lbscThe Long Beach Shakespeare Company presents the world premiere of 2 New 1 Act Plays starting July 24.

Criteria: A Definition of Fine Art by Al Robertshaw
Art and Aesthetics are mysteries that continue to baffle the experts. What makes these very personal subjects so hard to explain? From the perspective of his wheelchair, the playwright seeks to de-mystify these elusive topics. Through the artistic process, we explore, evaluate, and discern what we currently have—to “see” beauty before the moment is gone.

The Braid of the Muses by Melissa M. Miller
Look out, she’s back! And this time she’s reinventing mythology. With a god-like twist at the end, the story explores contemporary and ancient takes on the inspirational. Miller caused two sensations at LBSC with The Posthumous Affairs of Felson, Jones and Lordygan and Breath: an exploration into manipulation, dreamscapes and hypnosis.

Don’t miss these two compelling plays—on one stage!

Richard Goad Theatre is located at 4250 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach. 2 New 1 Act Plays runs July 24 thru August 16. For tickets or more information contact the Box Office by calling (562) 997-1494 or visit

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