Liberty Belle: Restored B-17 Bomber to fly over Long Beach and LA

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b17 bomber flightsThe fully restored World War II Boeing B-17 Bomber is doing her final flight check before taking flight over Long Beach and Los Angeles in March.

The Liberty Foundation’s Salute to Veterans Tour, which began in Atlanta, has been making it’s way across the United States. The Liberty Belle will land at Long Beach Airport this weekend.

Public flights will be available March 6-7 at the Long Beach Airport and next weekend, March 13-14, at the Burbank Airport. The Liberty Belle usually flies from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day with ground tours after the flights.

The B-17 “Liberty Belle” takes passengers on a flight back-in-time that inspires respect for the men and women who gave so much to protect America’s freedoms. The flight begins with an historical briefing about the significance of the B-17, then takes to the air for a scenic tour over the local area.

Curious residents that prefer to keep both feet on the ground can visit the air field to watch the Liberty Belle fly and take a ground tour.

A total of 12,732 B-17’s were produced from 1935–1945. Today, fewer than 100 exist and fewer still are in airworthy condition.

The Liberty Foundation’s B-17 “Liberty Belle” is one of only 14 B-17’s that still fly today. “Liberty Belle” was built towards the end of the war and never saw any combat. It is painted in the colors and nose art of the original “Liberty Belle” B-17 that flew countless missions with the 390th bomb group of the 8th Airforce.

Flights are $430 for non Liberty Foundation members and $390 for foundation members. Call 918-340-0243 to schedule your flight.

The Liberty Foundation relies solely on donations and contributions to help defray the B-17’s high operational expense and maintenance costs.

Watch the slideshow below for photos of the Liberty Belle B-17 Bomber flights.


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  1. Chandra says:

    I saw this plane fly over on Saturday! Awesome!!!