Library Round Up Collects Spare Change to Buy Books

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Library Round Up

Change donated to the Library Round Up will be used to buy books and other needed materials at local libraries.

“National Library Week is just around the corner, so it is time once again to start rounding up your spare change to bring to your favorite 5th Council District business or branch library, and drop it in the Library Round-Up box”, says Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske.

Schipske and her staff will be taking donation boxes to 5th district businesses where customers are encouraged to round up their spare change and make a donation. The funds are then given to the Friends of the Long Beach Public Library, which in turn gives them to librarians at both the El Dorado and Bach libraries. Prior funds collected have enabled the branches to replenish western paperbacks. 

“This is a great community project that helps raise funds for books and other materials for the El Dorado and Bach branch libraries,” Schipske explains. “Library use is at an all time high. Unfortunately, budget shortfalls have resulted in cuts in library materials, but this effort really helps.”

As many as 30 businesses have participated in previous years in the “Round Up’ effort.  That number is significantly expected to rise as local businesses become more aware of the cause to help fund the libraries.  Councilwoman Schipske is inviting all local businesses in District 5 to display the spare change boxes at the front of their establishments, in hopes to double the number of stores involved in the “Library Round Up” campaign.

The round up this year coincides with National Library Week, sponsored by the American Library Association, whose theme will be “You Belong at Your Library”, where libraries across the country host programs and events to showcase the variety of resources they offer people of all ages.

“Our initiative represents the association’s noble cause, and as well, the camaraderie between all businesses and fellow constituents in our district, helping one another support our most precious civic centers”, explains Schipske.

“Today’s libraries help level the playing field by making both print and digital information affordable, available and accessible to all people.  Libraries provide cultural heritage and genealogical collections, materials in print and electronic formats, job seeking resources, English as second language and citizenship classes, and many other creative and resourceful programs,” reminds Schipske.

If your business would like to participate by having their own “Library Round Up” box and display, please contact the Office of Councilwoman Schipske at (562) 570-6932.

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