Lifeduards and Good Samaritan Rescue Swimmer

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Thursday morning, Long Beach Fire Department Marine Safety Lifeguards responded to a distressed swimmer call in Rainbow Harbor. Upon arrival, LBFD Rescue Boat 2, found two people in the water behind the Grand Romance Paddle Boat. A distressed male swimmer (approximately 40’s) was hanging on to the back paddle wheel and was spotted by crew members just prior to engaging the paddlewheel and backing out of the slip. A life ring was tossed and a good samaritan entered the water with a life jacket in an attempt to stabilize the distressed swimmer. LBFD Rescue Boat 2 arrived with lifeguards who entered the water and assisted both people onto the dock.

The initial swimmer was thought to be psychologically unstable and hypothermic. That initial patient was transported via LBFD Paramedic Rescue to a local hospital. The good samaritan was released without injury.

Long Beach Fire Marine Safety Chief, Randy Foster, stated, “Swimming Rescues are very dynamic in nature. As a layperson, remember to call 911 and get the proper resources coming.” If attempting a rescue, remember the phrase “Reach, Throw, Row, Go! Entering the water is the last resort. Don’t put yourself in danger and become part of the problem. Frightened victims can often cling onto and overwhelm potential rescuers. In this instance, all ended well.

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