Living In Long Beach From a 6-Year Old’s Perspective

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By Vicki Walker-Lopez

According to my son, Cristian Lopez, a 6-years old, Long Beach resident, what makes living in Long Beach special is being able to do and to see fun and interesting things.

When asked what he likes the most about Long Beach, he gave me a list of 10 places.

(1) Long Beach Museum of Art, located at 2300 East Ocean Boulevard, which overlooks the beautiful Long Beach Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. What makes this museum a Long Beach treasure are the historic Elizabeth Milbank Anderson house and carriage house (built in 1912), the oceanfront gardens, and the ever-changing exhibitions, featuring Cristian’s favorite section, the Toyota Art Gallery, which displays art work created by kids from local elementary schools.

(2) The Latin American Art Museum (MOLAA), located at 628 Alamitos Avenue. MOLAA, founded in 1996, is not only a unique place in Long Beach, but also in the United States, because it focuses only on modern and contemporary Latin American art. These museums offer free workshops for children to create art with their family and teachers.

(3) The Beach. Like most lovers the sun and sand, Cristian likes going to the beach to play and to clean it. This year as a family activity, he participated in the 25th Annual Coastal Cleanup.

(4) East Long Beach Neighborhood. Cristian’s neighborhood offers a variety of family friendly places to visit, such as the park, the library, and the nearby restaurants.

(5) Aquarium of the Pacific, located at 100 Aquarium Way, is another favorite place, because it gives children an opportunity to learn about marine and sea animals.

(6) El Dorado Park offers many activities from every direction, such as: summer day-camp, boat and train rides, wildlife, playgrounds, community centers and libraries.

(7) Close to Disneyland. What is also nice about living in Long Beach is the proximity to Disneyland. Like most kids, Cristian enjoys going there as often as he can.

(8) Grissom Island. Known as one of three oil pumping stations, named after the astronauts aboard Apollo 1, Grissom Island has been a favorite place to seek out ever since Cristian was 2-years old, when he first called it the Island of Sodor, from the popular television show, Thomas and Friends.

(9) Walter Pyramid. At 18-stories, located on the beautiful CSULB campus, this place has Crisitan’s vote for the coolest building in Long Beach.

(10) Granny’s Donuts, located at 395 Redondo Ave, gets Cristian’s vote as his favorite place to get a tasty chocolate donut. If you haven’t checked out these places yet with your child, Cristian and I highly recommend that you do.

Written by Vicki Walker-Lopez, proud mother of Cristian Lopez and a substitute teacher for the Long Beach Unified School District. Cristian is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, but he and his parents have been residents of Long Beach since 2005.


3 Responses to “Living In Long Beach From a 6-Year Old’s Perspective”
  1. Louisianagirl says:

    Based on everything I’ve read, I would love to check these places out with my nieces and nephews.

  2. khristhian says:

    It is very interesting to see that a 6 year old sees so many fun places in the Long Beach area. If it is fun for kids, it is fun for everybody! I like the places descriptions so much I want to visit them.

  3. Steven says:

    Great article, I’ll use this as my top 10 list of places to visit on my next trip out to Long Beach.