Living True tour gives encore performance Sunday

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ray boltz living true tourRay Boltz and Azariah Southworth, two former key players in the Christian music world, continue their national “Living True: the tour” with two performances in Long Beach.  On Sunday, May 9, Christ Chapel of Long Beach will host the tour at 10:00 a.m. The following Sunday, May 16, at 5 p.m., Holy Spirit will provide the venue.

Last month, the Christian music world was shocked again after Grammy nominee; Jennifer Knapp confirmed rumors that she is gay. Knapp’s announcement comes exactly two years after Ray Boltz’s and Azariah Southworth’s very public “coming out” announcements.

Southworth comments, “On the Living True tour, I will share my story through speaking and Ray will share his story through his new songs. As Ray and I share the stage, we will share our stories, which convey the joy, heartache and healing we have experienced. This tour is our two stories, which contain one message. That message is the hope and healing there is to be found by living true.”

Boltz comments, “I am looking forward to touring with Azariah Southworth during 2010. We both ‘came out’ publicly at the same time and we both have experienced acceptance from people who understand and rejection from some of those who don’t. We hope by being ‘true’ to who we are, we can make a difference for other in the same situation.”

Over the past 20 years, Ray Boltz has been one of the driving forces behind Christian music, garnering three Dove Awards and selling 4.5 million albums. Since announcing they’re gay in 2008, Boltz and Southworth have been shunned by the Christian music world.

Southworth hosted a popular Christian television show, The Remix, for two seasons. His show was syndicated to more than 128 million homes and watched by over 200,000 viewers per week on one network. However, after announcing he was ready to live his life, “authentically and honestly,” in April 2008, he lost everything.

Southworth adds, “There are so many others like Jennifer Knapp, Ray Boltz and me. They just need to be encouraged to live true.”

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