Local Radio Show Swoop’s World Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary Tonight with Guest Heather Crow Nelson

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With 66 shows in the can, tonight’s 67th marks the one-year anniversary for Swoop’s World Radio. On December 9, 2009 Swoop and Peter launched Swoop’s World Radio on the BlogTalk Radio Network with the goal of tapping into the arts, culture, politics and lifestyle of Long Beach and Southern California.

One Year of Internet Radio

“We set out to assist the community with providing a voice, not the only voice in the community but an alternative voice,” stated Swoop, host of the show. “The ability of our listeners to interact with our guest by calling in to the show or joining in on the Internet chatline has given people the opportunity to communicate directly with their council members, political candidates, police chief, and more.”

“Also we enjoy collaborative efforts and getting out to community events” said co-host Peter, “We teamed up for several very informative segments with Ray Pok. Ray provided a lot of insight on city hall politics and tapped into some very interesting guests also. We have, for quite a while now, been teamed up with Taylor Nelson and Christopher Livingston of LBFoodReview.com who join us bi-weekly to talk about the local food and restaurant scene. We have also done live broadcasts such varied locales as the Restoration Trade Fair, Bike Fest 4th Street in Motion, We Olive on 2nd St., First Fridays at Ninos Restaurant, and we are teamed with Michelle Mangione to broadcast at her events during First Fridays at the Mirage.”

Anniversary Show: Spotlighting & Celebrating


Heather Crow Nelson

Swoop and Peter will use the anniversary show for “Spotlighting and Celebrating.” The first hour of the show will be dedicated to spotlighting a wonderful Local Star named Heather Crow Nelson.

Heather is a young woman that, besides being a devoted mother and wife, spends a great majority of her time giving back to the community. She’s tirelessly involved in charity work, volunteering and consistently involved with a number of different organizations.

After the first hour with Heather, Taylor and Chris from LB Food Review will join in for their regular bi-weekly segment. The team aims to celebrate and recap their first year of broadcast on the BlogTalk Radio network.

“We want to have fun and thank our listeners and guests for their support throughout the year, we basically broadcast once a week and, as of this week have now been listened to more than 10,000 times and we are truly honored,” said Swoop. “We’ll have past guests dropping by and calling in, and we will take a look back at some of the memorable shows and guests we’ve had including, two Olympic Medalists, an Academy Award Winner, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, citizens, politicians, activists and many more.”

Moving forward the duo want to continue to provide relevant programming, stating their primary goal is to keep the conversation insightful, and entertaining, and to consistently produce radio shows that are timely, relevant and reflective of what is happening within the community each week.

Tune in For the Best of BlogTalk Radio Tonight

Tune in tonight at 9pm (PST). Listeners can call in live (917) 889-7449 or join in via the online chat. Click the episode link now http://tobtr.com/s/1368735 and use the “Set a Reminder Function.”

Swoop’s World has recently become listed in the Best of BlogTalk Radio section of the BlogTalk Radio network. The recognition places the show in the company of those that have featured the likes of Bill Cosby, Lily Tomlin, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ashley Judd, Denzel Washington, Dick Clark, Stedman Graham, Russell Crowe, Tyler Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Obama to name a few.

Swoop’s World Radio is broadcast live every Wednesday night from 9:00pm–11:00pm (PST) at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/swoopsworld.  All shows are archived on the site and can also be downloaded on iTunes. For listings of additional shows and remote broadcasts or other information visit Swoopsworld.com.

Majority of Swoop’s World Guests From Past Year

Carina Cristiano Leoni
Michelle Mangione
Bernadette McKeever, Interim Chair, Long Beach Cyclists
Tonia Reyes Uranga, 7th District Council Member
Tom O’Keefe
Shannon Paul
Vice Mayor Val Lerch, 9th District Council Member
Tracy Egoscue Executive Officer Region 4 California Regional Water Quality Board
Interview Ron Sylvester- Board Chair- The Center Long Beach
First Friday’s Bixby Knolls Live from Nino’s Italian Restaurant:
Blair Cohn
Red Eye Media
Knolls Ranger
Kelli Johnson
Krista Leaders
Stevie Danielle Merino Long Beach Mayoral Candidate
Brad Shore City Council Candidate
Yancy Butler Actress
Steven Neal City Council
Jack Smith, Academy Award Winner, City Council Candidate
J. Ross Parrelli Recording Artist
Arthur Wayu Kennedy of Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center
Jim McDonnell-Chief of Police City of Long Beach
Aminah Mills Los Angeles Sparks
Christopher Livingston & Taylor Nelson LB Food Review
Debby and Phil Brooks of We Olive
Chef Sam Paano
John Nunn U.S. Olympian Bronze Medalist 1968 Olympics, Mexico City
Jack Nunn 4 time NCAA Champion Owner Powerhouse Fitness
Michael Nayt BlogTalk Radio
Long Beach Bike Festival (4th Street In Motion)
Antonio Ruiz
Doug Orr
Dawn Morishige
Scott Godfrey
David Slater VP/GM of Signal Hill Petroleum
Curtis Henderson, Manager Long Beach Gas and Oil Operations Bureau
Elliot Gonzales Festival Coordinator-Green Long Beach Festival 2010
Lynda Montgomery Comedian
Allyson Clark Bicycle HUB
Floyd The Man Livingston
Charles Gandy Long Beach Mobility Coordinator
Sumire Gant, Transportation Programs Officer, City of Long Beach
Doug Haubert City Prosecutor
Mario Rodriguez LB Airport Director
Michael Day TALB Presiden
Grace Slick Rock-and-Roll icon/ Hall of Fame
Donna Santisi Rock-and-Roll Photographer
Christine Petit, Co-coordinator, Long Beach Time Exchange
Nikole Cababa of The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community
Robin Keeble of AKA Angels
Live From The 3rd Annual Restoration Trade Fair:
Kathy Alford Alford’s English Gardens
Glen Goodrich Long Beach Firefighters Museum
Harold Greene Antiques of the Future
Swoop’s World and LB Food Review Meet Up at Kafe Neo
Star Parker Congressional Candidate
Ana Bonilla of LB Building Healthy Communities
Raspin Stuwart Recording Artist
Rommel Recording Artist
Christina Rose
Comedian Stevie Mack
Chocolate Chip Dancers
Kabin Thomas
Mary Ann Vorasky
John Kaye
Jason Read U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist
Eddie Cohn Recording Artist
Deborah Crooks Recording Artist
Stefana, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Producer
Jason Brocchini Triathlete
Kimm Gardener of the Band Channel 3 (CH3)
Ryan Smolar of LimeLight LB
Bill Grisolia New Blues Revolution
Kelly Fitzgerald Singer/Songwriter

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