Long Beach Animal Care Services Participates in “9 Lives for $9” Cat Adoption Program

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litter-free cat campaignThrough August 31, 2012, Long Beach Animal Care Services will participate in the Found Animal Foundation’s “9 Lives for $9” event to increase adult cat adoptions and reduce euthanasia in the Long Beach Animal Care Center and in Los Angeles Area Shelters.

“Long Beach, like many other areas, sees too many stray cats at our animal care center,” said Mayor Bob Foster. “My wife Nancy and I adopted our cat Noah from Animal Care Services a few years ago when he was a young adult. I know from first-hand experience that adopting a cat through our Animal Care Services not only helps an animal in need of a home but it can lead to a great addition to your family.”

The Found Animals Foundation, is a privately-funded Los Angeles-based non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare issues. Led by business and medical professionals, the Foundation works to reduce the use of euthanasia in shelters by supporting programs including: pet adoption, spay/neuter services, pet identification, and sterilization research. During the “9 Lives for $9 event,” any cat older than nine months can be adopted for just $9 at Long Beach Animal Care Services and 18 other participating Los Angeles shelter locations. The $9 adoption fee for adult cats includes an examination by a veterinarian, FeLV and FIV testing, spay or neuter, microchip and vaccinations.

“Adult cats are just as great as kittens,” says Jennifer Pimentel, Program Manager at Found Animals Cat Adoption Center. Pimentel continues, “Given time in a loving environment, an adult cat forms just as strong a bond with a new family as a kitten, and they are much less likely to be destructive or keep you up at night.” In 2011, the Found Animals Foundation was instrumental in finding homes for nearly 4,000 cats. The 2012 “9 Lives for $9” event has been targeted to save adult cats, which currently have the highest kill rate of all shelter animals.

“Many people who visit our shelter are looking to adopt a kitten. Adult cats, however, may be a better adoption option. They do well with the elderly and people who work long days or have young children,” says Ted Stevens, Acting Manager of Animal Care Services. “Most adult cats are already litter box trained and know to use scratching posts instead of your furniture or drapes. Also, if you already have an older cat in your home and are looking for a friend, another adult cat may be the best option.”

For more information regarding the “9 Lives for $9” cat adoption event, visit www.longbeach.gov/acs or www.foundanimals.org/pet-adoption/9Lives.

Animal Care Services is open to the public Wednesday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Village is closed on Monday, Tuesday and all holidays. Call 570-PETS (7387) for service. Visit ACS online: www.longbeach.gov/acs.


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  1. julie heckman says:

    My 15 year old dog is suffering from a heart condition…he is not ready to check out quite yet but will be soon. I need to know where I can get someone to come out to my house and euthanize him when the time comes. Can you please let me know also the costs.