Long Beach author releases all-new tween book series

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real-street-kidz Chasing ActionOn July 6, 2010, author, entrepreneur, and brand creator Quentin Holmes will release Chasing Action, the first book in the Real Street Kidz Middle Grade Book Series for “tween” boys and girls.

Quentin Holmes (known to his friends as Q) has dedicated his life to empowering the world’s youth through trendsetting literature, media, and fashion. “I strongly believe that preteens need time to grow at their own pace, and they deserve positive messages, relatable characters and supportive communities along the way,” says Quentin Holmes.

Parents, teachers, and youth workers know all too well the frustrations of finding entertaining yet empowering fiction for tweens who are enamored with social media. Filled with colorful characters, rising action and page-turning suspense, the Real Street Kidz series and its accompanying the Real Street Kidz website makes it easier than ever for 8-12 year olds, as well as anyone involved with young people, to access easy-to-read and entertaining lessons on friendship, teamwork, social diversity, and overcoming adversity.

Diane Spurlin, Long Beach Unified School District reading specialist and elementary teacher for 33 years, had this to say about Chasing Action: “I truly enjoyed it. It is well written: action, suspense, keeps you guessing as to what will happen next, great lesson and conclusion.”

About the Real Street Kidz: Chasing Action

Q, Lucky, Los, and Chase — a diverse group of preteens–must pull together in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in this unique coming of age story. When rumors fly around Long Beach that Chase, a rising skateboarder, cheated to defeat his former best friend in the Annual Long Beach Skateboard Competition, Chase becomes very determined to get a rematch to prove everyone wrong. But Chase and his new crew must rely on the plans of Q, the new kid, to get an all new skate park at the local neighborhood center for the rematch. Will the Real Street Kidz trust Q’s plans? Will they form a tight bond or will their differences tear them apart? Will Chase get his rematch? Join Q and the crew to find out!

The Real Street Kidz first book, Chasing Action, is available for purchase on the Real Street Kidz website, Amazon.com and the Barnes and Noble website.

For more information about Real Street Kidz, please visit the Real Street Kidz website.

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