City of Long Beach Awarded CALGRIP Grant to Combat Gang Violence

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grant-money-250x250A Community Partnership for a Community Based Approach to Reducing Youth and Gang Violence

Long Beach’s efforts to reduce gang violence, improve public safety and support gang prevention and intervention activities just received a major boost. As part of an overall strategy to combat gang violence, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced the award of a $369,309 California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention (CalGRIP) grant to the City of Long Beach. The Governor’s Office of Gang and Youth Violence Policy (OGYVP) received proposals from 36 cities and selected the 24 recipients through a competitive grant process. This is the third time the City has been awarded this 2-year grant.

“This grant will assist local anti-gang efforts, especially since we will be partnering with local agencies implementing evidence-based programs proven to be effective. We will also implement prevention and intervention programs to reduce recidivism among high-risk youth,” said Teresa Gomez, Human Dignity Program Coordinator. “Our partnership with the dedicated community members and the Police Department is a major contributor to the success of this effort.”

The grant awarded to the City of Long Beach will enhance the current grant that was awarded earlier this year. The CalGRIP grant will provide youth who are identified as already involved in criminal or gang activity or who are at-risk with positive alternatives to gang participation in a safe environment and enhance the coordination of existing efforts and resources related to youth and gang violence prevention, intervention, and community services.

The proposal that earned the grant designation was created by a team effort with the City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program, LBGRIP Advisory Council, Long Beach Police Department and CCEJ, who were all critical to the effort.

The Long Beach CalGRIP grant will incorporate city-wide elements and will primarily focus on selected areas responsible for a majority of violent crime citywide, and home to the majority of the city’s gangs.

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