Long Beach Basket Brigade Gets Ready for 8th Year

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Long Beach Basket Brigade - Annual Build

Each year the Long Beach Basket Brigade gathers for The Build. This year they expect to assemble 1500 baskets.

EverythingLongBeach.com recently spoke with Brandon Millan, Public Relations of Long Beach Basket Brigade, via email. They talked about the inspirations and challenges of running a nonprofit organization in Long Beach.

How long has Long Beach Basket Brigade been around? How did it start?

Our organization was formed in 2005 by a small group of individuals driven to make a difference in their local Long Beach Community.

Tell us a little about your mission:

Each year, the Long Beach Basket Brigade volunteers gather together, as a group, to create Thanksgiving baskets specially designated for local area families in need. This group of volunteers consists of residents from all over Los Angeles and Orange County. We bring together individuals of all ages and all backgrounds in order to serve the needs of our local community. In the months prior to Thanksgiving, our volunteers spend countless hours raising funds, purchasing food and supplies and assembling and delivering the baskets. Every basket is delivered anonymously by our volunteers the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. 

How is Long Beach Basket Brigade different from similar nonprofits or food banks?

The Long Beach Basket Brigade is an amazing group of volunteers who get together each year to assemble and deliver food baskets to less fortunate families in Long Beach, California. The Long Beach Basket Brigade is just one of thousands worldwide that will occur at Thanksgiving time. The Anthony Robbins’ Foundation International Basket Brigade, through local Brigades like this one, provides baskets of food and household items for more than 2 million people in 74 countries.

Each family receives a note with their basket that states:

“This basket comes to you from someone who cares. All we ask is that someday, when you are able, you help someone else.”

How is Long Beach Basket Brigade involved with the community?

In 2009, we established our Non-Profit and we’re awarded our 501(c) (3) status. We are especially proud that in 2011, we delivered more than 1,000 baskets to Long Beach families in need.

This year our Basket Build Event will be on Nov. 17th and we are expecting to build 1,500 baskets!

Tell us about your upcoming event:

On November 17, 2012, the Long Beach Basket Brigade, a Long Beach non-profit organization, will host its 8th Annual Thanksgiving Basket Build Event where it will build and deliver holiday baskets to hundreds families in need throughout the Long Beach community.

The 8th Annual Thanksgiving Basket Build sponsored by the Long Beach Basket Brigade will be held at the El Dorado Park Community Center in Long Beach.

How can people get involved with Long Beach Basket Brigade? What do you need — volunteers, donations?

For more information about how to get involved with or donate to the Long Beach Basket Brigade, visit longbeachbasketbrigade.org or contact Kym Livesay at 562-900-3574.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

“The Long Beach Basket Brigade is a unique group. We are run solely by the heart and dedication of volunteers who believe in our mission to serve Long Beach residents. It is truly a blessing to watch an entire community, businesses, schools, and residents, rise up to donate their time and resources to give back to our own community in need.”

— Kym Livesay, co-founder of the Long Beach Basket Brigade

How to Contact the Long Beach Basket Brigade

Address: 6444 E. Spring St. PMB #249 Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone Number: 562-900-3574
Website: www.longbeachbasketbrigade.org/index.html


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