Long Beach Bikeway Route 4: 2nd St.

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Long Beach Bikeway Route 4 is perhaps our most famous Bikeway, what with all the attention to the sharrows, heavy traffic, and arguments over the best way to alleviate traffic in what must be the densest (I mean that in the nicest way) part of town. In the dozen or so rides I have done through here since the sharrows went in, I have seen an acceptance by motorists of the fact that bicyclists are present, albeit reluctantly at times. Even still, I do have to fight the urge to move over far right to stay out of the way, despite the right to travel through the center of the right hand lane.

Long Beach Bikeway Route 4 can be a frenetic, overwhelming, edgy ride depending on the day and time you are traveling it. Weekends and rush hour are still heavily trafficked periods. Early morning and midday being the most enjoyable times to ride through.

For those unfamiliar with the route, beware that the beginning and end of this route have no official signs indicating such. Also, at its eastern terminus near Long Beach Bikeway Route 1, the signs there are confusing with arrows below the Route 4 sign indicating “to Seal Beach”, followed by Route 2 signs that seemed to indicate a change in route or direction. As best I could tell, Bikeway 4 officially begins on 2nd St at Marina and runs 1.9 miles through Belmont Shore to the point where 2nd St runs into Livingston Dr. From its eastern end to Bay Shore Dr. Bikeway 4 seem to overlap. At Bayshore, signs indicating Bikeway 2 deviates here are confusing and I very nearly turned left before realizing Bikeway 4 continued onward along 2nd.

All in all, Long Beach Bikeway 4 is a fun route. I have traveled through here with the kids in tow and it was just a bit nerve racking. On my own, it’s really fun to travel through here, legally, and “own” the lane. Every cyclist in Long beach should do this once, if only to say, “I rode the sharrows”.

Bikeway: Route 4

Streets Traveled: 2nd St.

Official Mileage: 1.9 miles

Landmarks: Alamitos Bay, Belmont Shore

Connecting Routes:

Long Beach Bikeway Route 1 (PCH)
Long Beach Bikeway Route 2 (Beach Bike Path)

About Peter Dopulos
Peter Dopulos is an avid cyclist and can often be seen riding the Long Beach Bikeways. He recently wrote a book, Where to Bike Orange County, he is also the co-host of the Long Beach radio talkshow Swoop's World and a co-founder of GreenWorld365.com.

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