Long Beach Bikeway Route 40: Willow Rd.

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Long Beach Bikeway Route 40 is a brief route that officially runs .5 miles from Studebaker (Long beach Bikeway 33) to the Los Alamitos city line. This Bikeway is along a busy stretch of two-lane road and is not for the inexperienced. The route does have a painted bike lane in both directions and is well marked. Its primary purpose seems to connect to Bikeway 65 (San Gabriel River Trail) and Bikeway 75 while passing through the southern end of El Dorado park.

Unofficially, continuing along Willow is not the best route to travel. Once crossing over Studebaker I found myself on a three lane in each direction road. Traffic is brisk and cyclists are essentially traveling in the gutter. Furthermore, motorists are not expecting a cyclist on this road. I rode along here for another 2.5 miles and turned right on Columbia Way to avoid traveling under the 405 freeway and the Lakewood interchange. This section should be avoided completely by cyclists as passing through here would be a death defying act.

All considered, the official stretch of Bikeway Route 40 efficiently gets you from the Bikeway 65 to Bikeway 33, but is not ideal for traveling further west. For this head down to Bikeway 30 (Atherton), or north to Bikeway 56 or 65. Heading east will take you into Los Alamitos but to do so you will need to deal with the 605 Freeway interchange which can also be quite hazardous.

Bikeway: Route 40

Streets travelled: Willow Rd

Official Mileage: .5 miles

Unofficial Mileage: 3 miles

Landmarks: City of Los Alamitos, El Dorado Park

Connecting Routes:

Long Beach Bikeway Route 75
Long Beach Bikeway Route 65 (San Gabriel River Trail)
Long Beach Bikeway Route 33 (Studebaker)

About Peter Dopulos
Peter Dopulos is an avid cyclist and can often be seen riding the Long Beach Bikeways. He recently wrote a book, Where to Bike Orange County, he is also the co-host of the Long Beach radio talkshow Swoop's World and a co-founder of GreenWorld365.com.

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